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T1D Buddy Camp

T1D Buddy Camp @ Tamarack invites children and teens with type 1 diabetes to bring their buddies (siblings and friends) to enjoy the adventures and challenges on the lake, trails, and climbing routes with them. We teach kids to use the on belay concept – "I've got your back" – in both outdoor adventures and diabetes care, and to have an awful lot of fun in the process.

This summer, we invite T1D campers to bring  more than one sibling or friend to Buddy Camp. In this way we hope to grow awareness and support for the T1D community.



Registration is now open for the June 25–28 summer session! 

$285 per camper

For kids and teens with type 1 diabetes entering grades 3 through 12 and their buddies [friends and siblings]. T1D Buddy Camp offers a unique opportunity to challenge your outdoor skills while improving your diabetes self care, and make lasting friendships, all by the shores of Dark Lake in beautiful Central Oregon. (Teens have the option of attending as a camper or exploring the teen leader opportunities.) Scholarships and shuttles from downtown Bend are available. 


teen leaders

If you are a teen who would like to be a counselor (cabin leader) at T1D Buddy Camp you must volunteer at Camp Tamarack Outdoor School during the spring semester in order to qualify. The student leader application opens on February 15. When you apply, please note that you are volunteering to qualify for T1D Buddy Camp’s session. T1D teens make awesome mentors for the kids both at Outdoor School and in the summer camps. Prospective counselors and CITs should also complete T1D Buddy Camp’s volunteer form here:


medical staff volunteers

The medical staff implements the diabetes care for all campers. "Dr. Hip Hop" (Eden Miller, DO) and "Tie Dye" (Rita Shearer, RN, CDE), train and oversee a wide-ranging team of volunteers including school nurses, local RNs, doctors, medical students, etc. For more information on this rewarding opportunity, click here:

Frequently asked questions


my child loves T1D BUDDY camp, and wants to go more often! Can she?

Right now, we are only able to offer one session of summer camp each year. Check out our friends at Chris Dudley Basketball Camp and Gales Creek Camp for more type 1 diabetes camp options in Oregon. And visit Riding On Insulin to learn about their ski/snowboard and mountain bike shred sessions for kids and teens with T1D.


can my camper use his cgm at camp? how does it work?

T1D Buddy Camp encourages campers to use their CGMs while at camp. We aim to help them to improve their self-care while being active and adventurous, using the diabetes equipment they routinely have available. Please send all supplies, including receiver and charger. 


we'd really like to send our kids to t1d buddy camp, but we live pretty far from central oregon. where can we stay while they are at camp?

Now it's your turn to have some fun. Plan a getaway for the rest of the family, while your kids are safely enjoying camp. Here are some resources to get you started: Black Butte Ranch, Camp Sherman, and Suttle Lake Lodge are each just minutes away. For options throughout Central Oregon contact VisitBend or Visit Central Oregon