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Thank you for your interest in T1D Buddy Camp @ Tamarack. Our 2019 registration system will be slightly different this year in order to facilitate coordination between T1D Buddy Camp and our Camp Tamarack hosts. Please read these instructions carefully.

When you click the REGISTER button below it will take you to the Camp Tamarack Summer Camp page. Click “Register Now” to begin the registration process. You will be asked to choose “T1D BUDDY CAMP” or “T1D BUDDY CAMP WITH TRANSPORTATION.”

CAMP CHECK-IN LOCATIONS: This year T1D Buddy Camp runs from a Tuesday through a Friday. We realize this is an inconvenience for working parents. In order to expedite drop-off we will be implementing two medical staff teams, one at Camp Tamarack as usual, and one at the van drop-off location at Bend Parks and Rec. Please indicate on your registration if you would like to use the transportation service instead of driving out to camp. There will be no charge, but we need an accurate head count to properly staff this option. We will email with further details and times when it gets closer, but the drop-off time on Tuesday will be midday. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at

When you reach the PAYMENT page, DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT to Camp Tamarack. Enter the coupon code t1paylater and you will be instructed to return here to pay your registration fees or apply for a scholarship.

Once you have completed all the fields, you will be sent a welcome email, which will contain instructions and links back to the T1D Buddy Camp website for both PAYMENT and SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS (or simply return to the links below). Note that both are due by MAY 1, 2019. Your parent packet will also contain the Camp Release and Health History forms. Please fill out and return these forms IMMEDIATELY as this allows us to order the appropriate insulin and supplies, in a timely manner, to meet your child’s needs.

TEENS: If your teen would like to be a COUNSELOR at T1D Buddy Camp they must volunteer at Camp Tamarack Outdoor School during the spring semester in order to qualify. The outdoor school application opens on February 15 and spaces fill up fast. Be sure your teen mentions that they are applying to volunteer at Outdoor School in order to qualify for a position at T1D Buddy Camp. If your teen would like to be a CIT you should register them as a camper on the Camp Tamarack website AND have them fill out a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION on the Buddy Camp website.


Next Steps

t1d Buddy Camp fees

Click here to submit your camper(s)' fees on our secure link. Payment due by May 1, 2019.



T1D Buddy Camp is committed to providing need-based scholarships to all families who qualify. Please complete the application thoroughly and be sure to explain any special circumstances. Scholarship applications due by May 1, 2019.